9:02 AM Worship Service

 Healing, Forgiveness, and Restoration

In the Fellowship Hall

Announcements will preceed the beginning of worship (starting at 9:02am)

In Matthew 9:2, we have a brief and beautiful story told in greater detail by both Mark and Luke.

A man who is unable to walk is carried to Jesus by his friends. He needs healing that only Jesus can give.

The crowd was so thick around him, that the friends could not make their way

to Jesus. Creatively, the friends lower the paralytic into the presence of

Jesus through a hole they make in the roof. Jesus sees the faith of the friends and

offers both healing and forgiveness to the one brought to him.


Come as you are. This is a service that is warm and welcoming. The seating will feel less like the sanctuary and the preaching more like a conversation. Open sharing will be encouraged throughout the service. Opportunities will be given for spoken prayer concerns and the laying on of hands. 

11:00 AM Worship Service

Our Historic Sanctuary

A traditional service, we typically follow the order of worship found in most United Methodist churches. The Chancel Choir leads our music during worship time most Sundays and periodically includes our bell choir and talented musicians.


At Main Street United Methodist Church, we cherish pews, pulpits, choir lofts, robes for pastors and choirs, daylight streaming through the stained glass, and the beautiful sound of a pipe organ. We will join together our voices, lifting high in praise of God. You will find an energetic congregation joining in hymns, and passionate preaching. This is a community gathering, often receiving the sacraments of Holy Baptism or Holy Communion. These elements make up the texture and taste of the traditional worship service. Looking for an energetic, passionate, uplifting, and spirit-filled worship experience? Our traditional service brings individuals to a cause greater than themselves. We strive to create the kind of of worship that fills your soul and charges those spiritual batteries for the week ahead.