Cornerstone Class – “So then you are no longer strangers…but you are fellow members in the household of God…Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone.” (Eph. 2:19-20). Member of this class are singles and couples in their 20’s and 30’s working together to strengthen their foundation of faith. These students, parents and professionals offer support to each other as they grow together spiritually and socially. Through class-led discussions centered on improving their knowledge of Bible literacy, this class offers a relaxed environment that encourages members to openly ask questions and share their concerns. They meet upstairs of the Cokesbury Building near the entrance to the Asbury Building.


Drake Class – The Drake Class is named after long time teacher and founder, Chuck Drake, who over thirty years ago required his softball team to attend Sunday School at least once a month. Our main curriculum is the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study, but we bring in other curriculum periodically, and class members rotate teaching. Since we are members of the Baby Boomer generation, we tend to be active in leadership roles in the church as well as in the community. In addition, we support local and foreign missions. We would love for you to join us and become a part of our class. Our class meets in the Cambridge Building by the ramp door near the sanctuary.


Dula Class – Members of this class are a diverse group of adults who are searching for God’s will in their lives. From college age and up, they are individuals launching into life’s journeys including school, marriage, parenthood and career. Through discussion-oriented Bible study led by Shell Dula, they seek discipleship. Their fellowship together also provides opportunities to develop friendships that offer support and encouragement to each other as they discover God. The class meets upstairs above the church offices in the Cokesbury Building.


The Bible Class – The class focus is Bible study, utilizing various resources to augment the Adult Bible Series of the United Methodist Church. The class offers a card ministry for all sick members of the church. They support the ramp fund and have a social twice a year. “We’re young at heart.” The class is made up of couples, widows, and singles over the age of 60. They meet the last room in the hallway of the Cambridge Building, near the Drake Class.


Paul Frey Class – Their purpose is “to come together in Christian fellowship to support each other, to study Biblical truths applied to everyday living, and to further the work of the church.” Members include singles and couples in various ages and stages of life. Regular social activities help members get to know each other on a deeper level. Class members rotate teaching responsibilities and teach from a variety of Christian literature and the Bible. The class meets in an upstairs room above the offices in the Cokesbury Building.


Genesis to Revelation Class- This class is a self-paced study of all 66 books of the Bible. Members include singles and couples who enjoy the mix of inter-generational ideas and shared experiences. Several members rotate teaching and we welcome new members to join at any time. The class meets in an upstairs room above the offices in the Cokesbury Building.


“Is Jesus Calling You” Class – The name says it all. Our objective is to learn what God is saying to each of us.  We all have a thirst for God’s Word. Those who attend consider our class to be a family. For the first time in their lives an understanding of God’s love, grace and mercy is understood and embraced with new meaning, as God reveals Himself to us. Come and join us for a session. We are low key brothers and sisters who love Jesus Christ. The class meets in the Library in the Cokesbury Building.